MV8 Pistepuikko

Pieni ja kätevä

Kätevin ja nopein työkalu keskipisteiden merkintään, piirtämiseen, leimaamiseen ja numerointiin.

Tuotteen yksityiskohdat

This impact hand marker is not much bigger than a pen. With a diameter of 17 mm, the light-weight and handy centre punch – Micro-MARKATOR MV 8 – is the perfect tool to mark work pieces without a hammer and through to this also safe, fast and simple. The percussion power is stepless adjustable up to 500 N.

These hand markers which can be released with the ball of the thumb are primary used for centre-marking, scribing, stamping and numbering. The insets of the centre punches can be exchanged very fast and simple which means an enormous time-saving and a high flexibility.

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